D E S I G N   A   L I F E   Y O U   L O V E !

Our Fit For Business Community is here for ALL women who work for themselves, wherever they are on their entrepreneurial journey.


We create events and experiences to enable women to network, learn and grow – professionally and personally.

Our community of Wonder Women supports females to connect with each other, and themselves; be promoted to the wider world, and nurtured from the inside- out.


We focus on building strength, resilience and flexibility in the businesses and lives of our women so that they can live the life they desire; working with passion and vitality, while defining their own version of success.

  Achieve sustainable success in both business and in life – with us.

P O S I T I V E   V I B E S !


We love the power of music! And the soundtrack for our community of women is 'Girl on Fire' by Alicia Keys.


That Girl is YOU and we can see the flame that's in your eyes! 

We are here to support you to be your best self; to lead your own life and define your vision of success. You can have both feet on the ground and have your head in the clouds!


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Empowering your business through learning and making meaningful local connections

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