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Fabulous Industrious Talented!


Nice to meet you! We are an Active Learning Community for women who work for themselves and care about their wellbeing. We know that business success comes from a place of connection, resilience and flexibility - of body and mind. We take the view that life and business need to work in synchronicity to be sustainable and enjoyable!  Being Fit For Business means being Fit For Life - first. We see our women as F.I.T Fabulous Industrious Talented! 


We are passionate about personal and professional growth through learning and development. We create and facilitate fun, interactive learning-focused events where you are surrounded by ‘Wonder Women’ who are wonderful!

Our mission is to enable YOU to live the life and build the business, you want. We do this by gradually creating and adding to your ‘Kit Bag’ of knowledge, tools and competencies to give you the essential segments to building a strong, resilient yet flexible, Life and Business.

We adore community and connection so please come and introduce yourself within our Facebook Group



Together - we are stronger


Happiness, positivity and success are contagious! Research shows that we learn from, are inspired by and copy from those around us. Therefore, surrounding yourself with the right tribe or community, is crucial to provide support for mental and physical health.


Fit For Business is not just about being a part of any community; it is a community that promotes healthy behaviours, positive attitudes and collaboration over competition.


Through building a ‘Sharing Economy’ that includes sharing our own experiences; the highs, the lows and the parts of us that make us human, it helps to build stronger relationships and create resilient foundations for business and personal success.

We recognise that community is a two-way process built on deeper connections. What we put into a community - we get back and sometimes, in completely unexpected ways! We encourage you to be open and willing to give back to others, and to reflect the qualities that you wish to receive yourself.


Our women are eager and ambitious; love learning and care about community and connection.

Find out more by reading these wonderful women's articles and listening to their Podcast interviews by Clicking here!

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Wonder Women Community

We refer to the members of our community as ‘Wonder Women’. It's not because we're obsessed with the iconic female DC Comic character- Wonder Woman (although she is fantastic!) it is because we recognise the specialness, diversity and individuality of every woman.


The 'wonder' for us is short for 'wonderful'. And by 'wonderful' we mean the smiles, talents, and passions of each woman. Their ability to run a business, a home, a couple of miles or a marathon!


Our women are also wonderful because of how they share themselves and give to others. We understand that we can’t be ‘Wonder Woman’ all the time - we are human and we make mistakes. We fall down yet rise up again, and get back on our bike to continue our entrepreneurial journey along a rocky road with challenging terrain. We recognise the tenacity and courage that it takes to do this.

Sometimes on our journey, we need an inspiring, motivational song and we LOVE the power of music for affecting our mood. The soundtrack for our community and our video is: 'Girl on Fire' by Alicia Keys. Enjoy!

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