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Active learning - generating knowledge

and enhancing performance

We run three ‘Circuits of Learning’ annually based on our 3 superpowers of: Strength, Flexibility or Resilience. Each Circuit is approximately 12 weeks in length with a month break in-between (we rest and reset in April, August and December and encourage you to do the same!) 

Within each Circuit of Learning we have created a range of experiences, that build on each other to provide deep learning, connection with others and the place, and space to grow.


The range of events provide a progressive journey that starts with networking and walking (Net Walks); bite-size learning and building deeper connections (Community Calls); deeper more immersive face to face learning and exercise (Getaway and Balance Bike Development Days).


We combine these experiences to form a learning journey called a ‘Circuit of Learning’.

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What if I fall?

Oh, my darling,

what if you can fly!

(Erin Hanson)

As a member of the Fit For Business Wonder Women Community you will be building superpowers! We focus on 3 learning superpowers; known as strength, flexibility and resilience. These are built as the foundation of all our events and they are also the names of the 3 ‘Circuits of Learning’ that we facilitate each year. 

The purpose of our learning superpowers

By building resilience into your life and business, YOU will have the capacity to bounce back with determination when faced with uncertainty; be able to purposefully build a support network around you, who you can draw strength from and understand yourself well enough to grow from failures.


By increasing your strength, you will be able to assert yourself and demonstrate confidence and have presence.  You will perform better under pressure, consistently, and hold steady using your own mental and physical power - for good. 


By improving your flexibility, you will be willing to evolve and grow continuously. You will be able to consciously adapt to changing and evolving circumstances, with creativity, innovation, and optimism. You will cultivate a growth mind-set that fuels your entrepreneurialism and will function in an open and agile manner that leads to greater progress towards to your goals.

All our events, articles, and podcasts provide a collection of tools, tips and resources to help you help develop your super powers. But for a powerful, fully immersive experience, we recommend our full day, in person Getaway Development Days. These are set in the stunning and inspirational environment of Green Farm Barn and Spa, in Kent and explore the super powers in greater depth, while giving you the time, space and environment for deeper professional and personal development.



 Learning how to balance the bike and propel it forward  


We take the view that life and business need to work in synchronicity to be sustainable and enjoyable and we have created a ‘bicycle’ that represents you and your entrepreneurial journey.  The two wheels – The Business Wheel and the Life Wheel each have 6 different components that together make up your whole well-being and your business foundations. The bike frame represents the 'Superpowers' of being strong, resilient and having a degree of flexibility to enable you to keep moving forward on your own individual, entrepreneurial journey.


Fit For Business helps you keep the wheels in motion and to champion you to propel yourself forward with your own power. For us, your speed doesn't matter, it is the quality of the ride that counts and this comes from balance, harmonisation and clarity of direction.


Our events, articles, and podcasts provide a range of tools, tips and resources, designed to support your business growth, life harmony and wellness. We have created our unique bicycle that as our Business Wheel and Life Wheel, with each wheel having 6 components. For a powerful opportunity to reflect on your business's and life's strengths and areas for development, and to gain clarity for your key actions to move forward, we recommend our Balance Bike Development Day. Set in the stunning environment of Green Farm Kent, we explore all 12 components in-depth, and enable you to gain clarity of direction and sustainable balance. 


 A collection of resources and tools!

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We know that success comes from a developing knowedge, confidence and collecting tools whilst maintaining your wellness through  building strength, resilience and flexibility - of body and mind. So to accompany your metaphorical 'bicycle' we have created a 'Kit Bagto take with you on your entrepreneurial journey.


Our Kit Bag is an on-line portal containing access to all our Fit For Business events as well as a selection of self-paced modules of learning; providing you with knowledge and resources to give you the essential segments to develop your business successfully and live a balanced and sustainable life. 

You can choose how to shape your Circuit of Learning experience to best suit your interests and needs.


There are events that are open to everyone such as the Net-Walks, which are a wonderful opportunity to network, while walking outside in nature. Build business connections and prioritise your wellbeing.  You can also join a also join our 'Family Fun Mornings' where we bring together our Wonder Women and their families to share a morning of outdoor fun and exploration – in the stunning meadows and ancient woodland of Green Farm Kent, this event raises money for The Pearce Coggan Foundation that aims to help and inspire people to get outside, get active and connect with nature who might otherwise find it difficult to do so. 

By taking part in our events, subscribing to our magazine, listening to our podcast channel, and being involved in a vibrant, supportive community, we give you a sense of community, connection and clarity. BUT, for the greatest transformative experience, you can join an upcoming Circuit of Learning, on a Gym Pass basis - which gives you so much MORE! 


There are three different Gym Passes to choose from and they require an upfront investment from you, just for the length of the Circuit. The Gym passes are designed to Give You More.


All Gym Passes include our Wonder Women Community Calls. These Community Calls are 75mins long and via Zoom. They include our unique 3-part structure of a ‘Warm Up’ of facilitated networking, a ‘Workout’ of bite-sized learning with further networking in smaller groups and a ‘Cool Down’ to reflect on the learning and plan actions for your life and business. Connection and community, is at the heart of these calls.

When you purchase any Gym Pass, you will receive your V.I.P invitation. This includes invitations to be promoted through our Podcast and Magazine, and other opportunities to develop your skills and share your expertise and passion by educating others in our community. 

Only available with a unique Gym Pass is our Balance Bike development day; a full day in-person event based on our bespoke bicycle curriculum. The event is designed to provide clarity of direction to enable you to bring balance and synchronicity into your business and life. Set in the stunning environment of Green Farm Barn and Spa, you will experience yoga, visualisation, nutrition, a nature walk and personal and professional workshops.

Only available with a unique Gym Pass is our Getaway development day; a full day in-person event based on one of our superpowers of Strength, Resilience, Flexibility. The event is designed to restore and rejuvenate to enable you to grow your superpower. Set in the stunning environment of Green Farm Barn and Spa, you will experience yoga, meditation, nutrition, a nature walk and personal and professional workshops.


Shape your circuit experience  

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