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Two online workshops to grow your digital skills for business resilience and sustainability.

About this Event

We welcome women working for themselves to our TWO WORKSHOPS, who are seeking to build, update or refresh their digital business skills.

Workshop 1 Thursday 11th March:

Mastering Social Media in 2021

The benefits of this session for the participants are:

1. Understanding the latest trends in social media

2. How these trends influence your content

3. Which metrics are important in monitoring your social media performance

It will strengthen the participants':

1. Performance on social media

2. Confidence in putting out content that works

3. Ability to grow their business and attract dream clients


By the end of the session, the participants should be better at / more confident in:

1. Creating content that performs

2. Understanding the metrics to use when analysing performance

3. Trusting their ability to really utilise the power of social media


Workshop 2 Thursday 18th March:

All you need to know to get SEO working for you

The benefits of this session for the participants are :

1. Understanding what SEO is all about

2. Learning practical SEO tactics and strategies

3. How to track and measure your SEO performance


It will strengthen the participants':

1. Website performance on Google

2. Knowledge of what Google’s algorithm bases rankings on

3. Understanding of how to optimise their website content effectively

These workshops will be facilitated by Liz Goodfellow & Danielle Earley (Co founders of Fit For Business) with our Digital Skills Expert, Carla Caswell.

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Our expert presenter, and 'Wonder Woman', Carla Caswell has an extensive background in digital media and advertising and has worked with some of the world's largest brands for over 15 years, but she felt that there was a huge gap in the market for small business support that the corporate Ad industry was just not tailored for.

She now runs a peak performance coaching business with one of her business tiers being based around the elevation of digital skills in small businesses. She is super passionate about the efficient utilisation of digital platforms in elevating the presence of small businesses and creating opportunities within them for consistent revenue streams.

Discover more about 'Carla Caswell Coaching':

Email: caswell.carla@gmail.com

IG: @carlacaswell

LinkedIn: Carla Caswell

Carla Caswell Coaching on Facebook

"Thank you, it was fantastic and a real pleasure! It definitely got my heart pumping and I loved the time-saving. It felt like I got to connect and network, while I did my workout too! It set me up for the day!"

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Thurs 28th Jan

Workshop 'Clarity For Growth' 

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Thurs 4th Feb

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Mon 8th Feb

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Workshop 'Clarity For Growth' 

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