Green Farm and Fit For Business both care deeply about community, relationships and wellbeing.  It is this sharing of values and generosity of spirit to help others, that has laid the solid foundations for the successful collaboration between us.


Fit For Business is honoured and delighted to hold our full day Getaway and Family Fun Morning at the special and unique, Green Farm, near Ashford in Kent.


Green Farm holds a range of bespoke wellness experiences in an exclusive countryside setting. 



Green Farm values are


  • ​To protect and enhance the conservation area, Green Farm, Duck Lane and surrounding 12,500 acres of the gateway to the marsh.


  • To be generous and share what we have at Green Farm, integrity in all relationships


  • To live sustainably and enhance the environment, “Tread lightly on this earth”


  • To promote and encourage healthy and sustainable living



Green Farm’s commercial activities, that include Spa Retreats and Corporate Events substantially fund their charitable initiatives. Their charity Pearce Coggan Foundation, supports the strong social responsibility ethos which permeates all the activities at Green Farm, such as camping trips and outdoor activities for disadvantaged families and young people.


Pearce Coggan Foundation

Green Farm's charity helps and inspires people to get outside, get active and connect with nature who might otherwise find it difficult to do so. They also work to conserve and enhance the local meadows and ancient woodland.


All their activities, from their inner-city-families camps and outdoor experiences to their volunteering and conservation projects, are built on four priorities:

  1. Getting outdoors

  2. Getting active because whatever our age or ability, spending time outdoors is great for us

  3. Getting to know food bridges the gap from farm to table and encourages us to consider everything from food production to food waste

  4. Getting in touch with nature is about valuing and looking after of our surroundings