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 L E A R N I N G   P O W E R S

Our learning is structured around building our women’s resilience, strength, and flexibility. We define our 3 learning powers as:

Resilience grows from dealing successfully with failure and challenge. It is understanding yourself and using knowledge of your physiology to be proactive, not re-active in your response to situations. It is the capacity to bounce back, with determination. It includes purposefully building a support network around you, who you can draw strength from to increase your personal resilience. 


Strength is our ability to assert ourselves, demonstrate confidence and have presence. Strength is performing under pressure, consistently. Sustained strength comes from knowledge of our physiology and how to control our body and mind to hold steady and use our power (mental and physical) for good. 


Flexibility is the ability and willingness to evolve and grow. It is being able to consciously adapt to changing and evolving circumstances, with creativity, innovation, and optimism. It is having a growth mind-set that fuels our entrepreneurialism. Flexibility is not being rigid and closed but being open and agile.  


 L E A R N I N G  

Our learning curriculum is structured around the framework of two bespoke wheels – The Business Wheel and the Life Wheel. Each wheel represents 6 different segments that together make up your whole well-being and your business foundations.

Together, we examine the two wheels that carry you through life. These wheels and the bike frame need to be strong, resilient and have a degree of flexibility to navigate the unexpected twists, turns and bumps in the road.

Fit For Business is here to help you keep the wheels in motion and to champion you to propel yourself forward with your own power!