Co-Founders and Hosts

Building a life around the priorities that matter to us


Together, we co-founded Fit For Business in February 2019 with our launch event in April 2019.


Meeting at a networking event back in 2018, we instantly felt drawn to form a collaboration. Our connection was immediate and our shared energy and enthusiasm was really powerful! Liz was running an events business for female entrepreneurs and Danielle was a career, business and wellbeing coach.

We both love to plan, facilitate and deliver unique workshops and events, that meet the needs of our women. We combine our skills and motivations to create a range experiences to support women to network, learn and grow, within a wonder women community that connects, promotes and nurtures our women to be strong, resilient and flexible -  in business and in life.


Together, we are stronger. We perform as a tandem, where we share the lead and share the load. Supporting one another to navigate our own business journey while also enabling others to have a smoother ride on theirs, is our joy!

Recently, we spotted that 'Liz & Danielle' or 'L&D' also stands for 'Learning & Development' - which happen to be our passions! We love noticing patterns and seeing meaning in things like that!



Community – Connection – Wellness

As a part-time teacher with 16 years educational leadership and classroom experience, I bring my passion for learning and development to all the events that I co-create and facilitate in Fit For Business. I also have an Exercise and Sports Science background which fuels my drive for prioritising and educating myself, and others, in health, fitness and wellbeing.


I adore:

Being in the company of a diverse group of women who share a desire for personal and professional growth and connection to ‘self’ and others.


I'm driven by:

I’m driven by my personal values of ‘community & connection’ and a love of Physical Intelligence. As an extrovert I draw my energy from others and love getting to know new people. Through the connection with ourselves, we can develop our physical intelligence which improves our health, emotional wellbeing and vitality - for work and life.


What does “Fit For Life and Fit For Business” mean to me:

It means having an uplifting and supportive community around you, while nurturing a deep connection with yourself and others.

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Balance – Sustainability - Optimisation

As a Business Consultant and Coach I offer a range services that include: coaching, facilitation, training and project management supporting people and team-related activities. I bring my passion for development and progression to all the events that I co-create and facilitate in Fit For Business. I have a varied portfolio of clients that includes large organisations, sole traders and individuals. 


I adore:

Development, facilitation and creativity. We can achieve great things when we maximise our strengths, natural gifts and passions!


I'm driven by:

I’m driven by balance, sustainable progress and making the most out of our talents. I want to support others, and myself, to design the kind of life we want – and live it!


What does “Fit For Life and Fit For Business” mean to me:

It means focusing on how you’re living your own life. And asking yourself if you are making the choices that are making you happy and helping your work-life synchronicity. Only you know your definition of what ‘good’ looks like in YOUR life.