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Danielle founded Danielle Earley Consultancy. She is a Career and Wellbeing coach and runs a business consultancy practice. Danielle works with individuals and small companies to help advance their businesses and achieve their goals and vision. Danielle supports individuals to be in the driver's seat of their own lives and to be living, not dreaming about the kind of life they want.


Danielle is passionate about others achieving their work and life aspirations. She supports you to find the right alignment between career, family and lifestyle that’s best for your happiness, success and wellbeing.


Danielle is the co-founder of Unstoppable Energy a collaboration of Mindset & Nutrition, hosting Retreats and delivering workshops for women who want to eat better, live better, feel better. Danielle is the Director of People and Engagement at the Association for Coaching, a leading professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising standards of coaching worldwide.


Danielle’s corporate background in Marketing and Human Resources where she specialised in Project and Change Management within large multinational organisations.

L I Z   G O O D F E L L O W

Fit For Business  |  Co-Host & Presenter


Liz founded Wonder Women Network, a community for women that provides unique events to connect, promote and nurture female entrepreneurs. Through networking, promoting them and their businesses to the visiting public,  and nurturing fitness, resilience and wellbeing. Liz supports women to drive their businesses forward and realise their vision of success.


Liz is on a mission to empower women to feel wonderful, and achieve their ambitions without burning out or sacrificing their health and well being.


Liz is also a part-time teacher with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science and has worked in education for 14 years. She was selected for a leadership development programme at the beginning of her career and received leadership training including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She has been an Assistant Head teacher leading a team in a large Junior School and completed a Masters Degree in Education Studies in 2010.

Liz is passionate about learning throughout your life, and with knowledge and an open mind, she believes we can all grow and become our best selves. 

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