Finding Your Passion & Purpose From Adversity

Supporting your 'Life Wheel'

by Sophia Norley,

"Follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose”

Wise words from Oprah, love her or not, I love this quote and it’s so true yet so simple.

For me, my passion with portraits, images, art, writing and all things creative has always been there. However, I only came to this realization in the last few years as I discovered myself, my dreams and loves. And, this only happened as I transitioned through a series of events including; ill health, unhealthy relationships with others and myself, and through processing my childhood.

As a child I would sit for hours and hours pouring over my Grandma’s hundreds of antique portraits, staring at the faces while making stories up for the men, women and children within the images.

One of my other favourite pastimes was story writing. I would make up elaborate tales about girls overcoming great misfortune while undergoing adventures. Unfortunately, my spelling was horrendous, so anyone who had the pleasure of reading these adventures was probably highly confused.

This led me to shy away from writing until last year when I became an author…twice!

Through fate, encouragement and a jump of faith I published my memoirs in September. I remembered that I love words, stories and expressing my emotions through their use. Writing brings me the same kind of joy as seeing my children's smiles. It’s part of my soul.

It’s exactly the same when I photograph subjects, but particularly women. As they blossom in front of the camera, going from nervous and withdrawn to showing their authentic self and dare I say it - having fun! It brings me to a place within myself of appreciation and love…it truly is a wondrous feeling.

Helping others embrace all of themselves and shine as themselves has allowed me to do the same, which is a true blessing.

I believe that we can only truly and deeply get to know ourselves in those dark moments; those times of testing and in that space that feels like it will engulf us…those are the moments that bring out our most beautiful and powerful traits, which can lead us to accept ourselves and discover our purpose.

My passion and purpose is Storytelling! Whether visually through photography or by writing.

So, I ask you: What's YOUR story?

Take a moment here to reflect and to learn about yourself:

1. Can you gaze upon the difficult moments in your life and the qualities that arose in yourself that you perhaps never knew existed?

2. When you are tested, now, what brings you joy, escape or relief? Perhaps these are your unrealized passions that you could take further or just do more often?

3. Do you feel a sense of purpose or is that something that is lacking in your personal or professional life? When everything in life is pretty 'good' but you still feel that something is missing - it is often our sense of purpose.

If you need help to tell your story please get in contact for a chat.

Love Sophia x

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