Offline to Online

Supporting your 'Business Wheel'

by Sue Allsworth,

2020 - The year of finding our flow, in an ever changing state of the unknown! Hi. I'm Sue at 'Authentic Smile'. Like many other business owners, I had to adapt my business to align with the ever changing guidelines set out for us. For many - including myself - this meant taking my business fully online. I run the 'Mind, Body, Soul Summits - based in Kent, in the UK. These are a safe space for us to discuss various topics applicable to the Mind, Body & Soul via meditation, journaling, chakra dancing, card readings & so much more. Whilst it was an amazing experience to deliver such events, in person - it was important to adapt & continue the events online in 2020. Not only did this allow people to attend more freely as no travel was involved - it also allowed us to reach out to people outside of the immediate area. Now our events are global & can be attended from anywhere in the world! It was also an opportunity for me to create our Mind Body Soul Virtual Studio! A space for individuals to 'Get in the Habit' ready for the new year ahead. We have sessions scheduled (a bit like gym classes but for the Mind, Body & Soul!) all in one space. Being online opens up many new opportunities for us all to continue to engage & connect - not only with others, but with ourselves. Reflect on your own current business offerings, now, and consider whether you can move any services, in particular, to online? There are different ways of doing this, from webinars, workshops, virtual parties and 1:1s. Have you considered using YouTube, as well as Facebook and Instagram to get your videos out to the world? We also hear TikTok is growing in popularity and impact, for businesses to increase their engagement and online presence, so why not explore other platforms and social networking services? Consider how you can build relationships; promote your brand, and listen to your audience, using online marketing tools and strategies. For example, can you create an online questionnaire? Can you design a 5-Day FREE Challenge? If you'd like to know more about any of our events or the studio, or my online journey, please visit our websites. Sue x find us on Facebook Authentic Smile - At the Heart of your Empowerment