Reflexology for Mind & Body Replenishment 

Supporting your 'Life Wheel'

by Lorraine Prescott,

Some may think Reflexology is just a nice foot massage. And it is, however, there’s so much more to be gained from Reflexology so carry on reading!

People say your eyes are the windows to your soul. Well, the feet could be the doorway to your health–physically, mentally and emotionally. Never diagnosing, but the feet can often tell a story. In addition, clients often leave the therapy room feeling like they’re floating–feeling lighter, looser and more balanced (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Stimulating the neural pathways via the feet (or hands, face, ears, depending on the form of Reflexology you’re receiving), specific areas are worked with, for the purpose of relieving pain / re-balancing and re-energising.

Think of Reflexology as a top to toe body massage all via the feet, with the added benefit of working all the internal organs, as well as calming the mind and releasing stress and tension. Pressure varies and it’s often the lightest of touches which can produce the most powerful responses.

Linking chakra points via the feet can often produce an energy surge up the body. Reflex Lymph Drainage is another gentle form of reflexology which can often produce powerful responses and outcomes.

Stress is something most of us deal with on a daily basis and if we feel ourselves struggling, Reflexology can take us out of our head and reconnect the body and mind, with an overall feeling of calm.

In an ideal world, I’d prescribe a daily Reflexology session for everyone to help with everyday stresses and to reduce feelings of overwhelm. Reflexology enhances those feelings of wellbeing, gives a chance to reconnect to ourselves and tune into how we’re feeling.

Reflexology is stimulating, calming and re-balancing and so it’s always remained a firm favourite in my choice of therapies. Take a moment to reflect in order to learn, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What story would your feet tell?

  2. How is your own energy level at the moment?

  3. What causes you to feel overwhelm?



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