Supporting your 'Life Wheel'

By Liz Goodfellow, Fit For Business

Our three key pillars to empowering our women and enabling them to succeed are:

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • resilience

Fit For Business supports women to build these attributes into every aspect of their life and business. Our current focus, during these turbulent times, is RESILIENCE. So how can we become more resilient?

One of our 6-segments on our Fit For Business 'Life Wheel’ is relationships. We divide relationships into those we have with others, and perhaps, even more importantly - the one we have with our self.

The relationship we have with our self, influences ALL the relationships we have with other people throughout our lives. It is central to our physical and emotional wellbeing and is characterised by the daily, internal dialogue we have within our mind. The words we use to describe and define who we are, influence our outside behaviours and interactions.

Do you have self-awareness? Do you know your strengths, your values, your areas for development? Do you like yourself and know that you matter and add value to the world?

The relationship with ‘me’ needs to be nurtured like any other and it takes time, thought and effort to give yourself what you need to thrive.

Our relationships with others are an extension of the values we have about our self. If we treat ourselves badly, we often treat other people the same. Relationships are built on communication – with listening being a key feature. Everyone wants to be heard; it’s how we feel valued. Building strong relationships with others means listening and ‘hearing’ people so that a lasting and strong connection can be made. The most powerful and influential relationships we have is when a true connection is made with another human being and as we are programmed to be social creatures, it is important to prioritise relationships with others throughout our life. Each relationship we have provides something different that we need to be happy. Friendships can be just as powerful as the relationships with family, who we love deeply. The ‘fun’ friend, the ‘listening’ friend and the ‘deep and meaningful’ friend all provide you with the variety of experiences that satisfy our multi-dimensional selves. So, nurture and value them all but consider that it’s the quality of your relationships, not the quantity of them that is important.

IDEAS Could you plan to include these activities, to build and nurture the relationships in your life?

  • Write a hand-written note or letter, to someone important to you and tell them why they matter to you. Send it in the post - it's so special to receive hand-written, paper messages nowadays!

  • Write a letter to your future self, telling them why they are special, what they have achieved and remind 'yourself' of what is truly important - in case of challenging stressful times! Put it in an envelop and store somewhere safe, to open in the future, when you need to.

  • Plan a 'Walk & Talk' session with a friend, family member or new connection. Exercising and walking side by side, rather than face to face can allow people to 'open up' more; boost those happy chemicals and improve the quality of thought and dialogue.

  • Spontaneously make a phone call to someone - not a 'text conversation' and let them know you are thinking about them and wondered how they are.

  • Plan a 'new' experience / activity to do with a friend where you can both learn something together and support each other in a new environment. It could be a crafting activity or a new wellness experience.

Having positive, supportive relationships with ourselves and others, is fundamental to building our resilience and being ‘fit for business and fit for life’. There will be times when we need to draw strength from others; lean on them, emotionally and perhaps physically, and ask for help.