Supporting your 'Life Wheel'

By Liz Goodfellow, Fit For Business

Our three key pillars to empowering our women and enabling them to succeed are:

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • resilience

Fit For Business supports women to build these attributes into every aspect of their life and business. Our current focus, during these turbulent times is RESILIENCE – so how can we become more resilient?

One of the 6-segments on our ‘Fit For Business Life Wheel’ is replenishment. We regard this as one of the non-negotiable aspects of self-nurture that, if neglected and not prioritised, can lead to us not feeling well or functioning at our greatest potential. So, what do we mean by ‘replenishment’? Well, we are recognising the need for busy working women and female entrepreneurs to restore and renew, depleted energy, vitality and even enthusiasm for life, on a regular, weekly basis.

You may have heard of the ‘overflowing teacup’ analogy. In order to help others, we first need to fill our own cup up to the top. With a full cup, we have the overflowing strength, flexibility and resilience to ‘give’ to our loved ones, and to our businesses. If we gave away everything that is inside our cup, our own supply of energy would be depleted, and we wouldn’t be able to help ourselves, never mind those we love. Symptoms of exhaustion, irritability, overwhelm, resentment and burnout can be clear indications that you are lacking sufficient replenishment time in your life.

So, our top tip: R. E. S. T. and this is something we, at Fit For Business LOVE. Taken from Physical Intelligence by Clare Dale & Patricia Peyton, it stands for Retreat, Exercise/Eat, Sleep, Treat. It suggests that making the quality of what you eat and the amount of sleep and exercise you get daily – a real priority. It also reminds us to plan some retreat time in daily, for example: some quiet time away from everyone in the bath, reading in the garden, walking in nature or losing yourself in a creative cocoon of crafting! Even the most extroverted of us must have some silence and solitude to replenish ourselves. And finally, timetable and plan a weekly treat that makes you feel good and brings you pure joy - write it down and make it happen!

By incorporating replenishment time into your life, you can build your resilience and be ‘Fit for Life & Fit for Business!’