Safer Surfing - Better Tech Health

Supporting your 'Business Wheel'

By Sarah George of MsG Writes

Consider for a moment, the value of your technology and the data it contains.

Think about the actual cost to you and your business if it just vanished!

Scary, I know, so how do we protect ourselves from that?

The first step is to keep your tech securely, out of sight, and if it gets stolen; report it and get it blocked (bricked) as quickly as possible.

The use of authentication, such as PINs, passwords, biometrics and two-step authentication, where it is available, will help prevent unauthorised access. Password managers such as LastPass and Keychain will help you remember the long and complex passwords you should be using.

Passwords should be unique to each account and changed often. By doing so means if one is compromised, only one account is under threat, not all of them. Ensure your tech software is kept up to date, allowing the installation of updates and patches. Read reviews when looking to install new software and apps.

Keep the antivirus up to date on windows phones, desktops and tablets. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure. Using the coffee shop’s free connection to the internet may be appealing, but you are opening up your device for intrusions. You need to have entered a password to connect to it, to reduce this risk.

It is also vital that your data is backed-up often, thoroughly and the backup is stored off-site. That way if the worst happens, you have a place to start rebuilding.

A common form of attack is to distribute links to compromised websites, via email and messages. Before opening any email attachments or clicking on the link, consider whether the sender would send you this? If the answer to that is no, delete the message.

Finally, never share your password, PIN or finance details. Also, think carefully before sharing any personal data. Get a second opinion if you are being asked to part with money, after all, would you pay the first tradesperson who gave you a price?

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