The Importance of Developing A Relationship With Yourself

Supporting your 'Life Wheel'

by Sophia Norley

Have you ever had one of those awakening moments? An aha moment, that is so simple, poignant but true, that it stops you mid-flow?

I had one in the latter part of last year, which really hasn’t ceased yet. It’s rolling, developing and taking me with it…And I have no idea where it will stop and I’m ok with that. That’s a big deal coming from the girl that used to like to know all the details of everything, to feel safe.

After an explosive moment in my family life that led to some truly dark periods, this hit me and allowed me to begin to heal…

“I must truly love myself before thinking that another can love me the right way.”

And, I mean all of myself, which made me reflect on who I truly am.....I’m a sum of the 5-year-old dreamer; the 17-year-old striving for something better; the 21-year-old party girl; the 28-year-old first time mum; the photographer; the author and the women healing from pain.

There’s no good, bad or ugly characteristics there. There’s just a woman who is striving each and every day to know herself more fully so that she can truly fulfil her potential and that woman is bloody magnificent and I should celebrate her.

Having a realisation such as this helped me stop the unhelpful and unhealthy habit of only seeing the negative aspects of myself…because there are NONE!

Yes, we make mistakes, we screw up and we may even act like bitches from time to time but they are all just moments that we can learn from and blossom from.

Having an honest relationship with myself-accepting and respecting all aspects of my character has allowed me to better recognise my needs, honour my desires and love every inch of my uniqueness.

Now that I un-bashfully except myself, I am in my full power and I am able help my clients shine and show their potential through my work, whether it be photography or writing.

This brings me even more pure joy and vitality. Thus, the positivity cycle continues and I embrace myself even more.

My main point being, If I can have a healthy positive relationship with myself…YOU can too! I love connecting and supporting women to do this, so drop by and say "Hi".

Love Sophia xx

My Book 'Escaping Bohemia' is about my childhood of trauma and darkness and shares my journey - to inspire others, with their personal journeys too.

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