The Power of Connection

Supporting your 'Business Wheel'

by Faye Hunt, Living the Dream Forever - Forever Business Owner

Networking, when building meaningful and purposeful connections is incredibly powerful.

In order to do this with success be mindful of how you go about it. Be genuine, authentic, and have a think about your core values which should be at the forefront of what you do, how you operate, and show up - not just professionally, but throughout life.

What does that mean? Well, it always starts with you, and you are always evolving.

Some questions to consider:

Who are you? How do you want to be remembered? What do you stand for? What drives you? What are you passionate about? What is your legacy and what do you want to achieve and why?

Know what your core is. For example, I know that I want to inspire, empower and help others gain confidence to do and be all they wish for and more! I want to instill belief in people. I want to go about that with kindness, empathy, respect and care. I would like people to be energised after being with me and for them to feel empowered, positive and happy. I also want them to feel a bit stronger and more confident having been around me. These are my goals and what a fabulous achievement all that would be!

I like to think of networking as if we are making friends. Friendship isn’t a selfish thing; it’s a two-way relationship. By being a good friend we often gain good friends and true, loyal and valued relationships. When you entered into the friendship, you took small steps and  that feeling and loyalty developed over time.

A top tip from my experience as a networker is: put the time and effort in - simple. Develop those relationships. When taking part in networking events, I suggest you take yourself out of the equation, don’t think of how this will benefit you, always look at what you can do for the people you are networking with. How can you serve them? Consider how can you offer advice, value, encouragement and support.

In these trying times we have been very grateful in Forever Living (the company I work for and promote) for the opportunity to help people with not only their health but also their wealth.  We keep hearing about how this is an unprecedented time- indeed it is and one where people have never been more mindful of their health and hygiene, but also people have been looking at ways to generate income in ways they wouldn’t have considered before!  This could be either an additional household income or with a view to replace one entirely!  Whereas some people maybe felt this way of working was unstable and not a secure way to bring in a regular wage, they realise their once reliable jobs are not so much that way inclined now . With traditional businesses going under and people being furloughed, eyes have been opened to a new way of generating money and people have realised that working from home is a real viable option.  Having full control of your finances is a privileged position to be in and health is never going to go out of fashion.

When building your business, remember your core values when interacting with others, in person and when positioning yourself on social media. Remember who you are; what you want to achieve; who you want to work with and who you want to attract (your ideal client or business partner). Furthermore, celebrating others' wins, cheering others on, focusing on the positive and being grateful gives you a really strong foundation for success. Finally, seeing obstacles as learning opportunities and providing you with answers to help you grow, will give you a new lease of life and fuel your energy when things don't always go to plan! These are exercises I try to practise daily and if you can implement these into your daily life, I guarantee (if you are consistent) you will see your life improve for the better. Consistency in everything is key! Showing up regularly in the ways mentioned above shows people you’re reliable, trustworthy, always doing your thing - your way, with all your core values and in all your genuine and authentic glory! You will have a positive impact on all those you meet and your dreams and aspirations will start to come true, because the universe is energy and you are aligning with it. This is how to harness the power of networking - for good! Remember: What you THINK about you BRING about so decide what you truly want and put yourself out there!

By Faye Hunt

Living The Dream Forever - Forever Business Owner