Why is discovering your purpose important?

Supporting your 'Life Wheel'

by Wendy Jennings, www.thecoddiwomplelady.com

CODDIWOMPLE: an old English slang verb meaning "to travel in a purposeful direction towards a vague destination." I believe we are all Coddiwomplers at heart, but how many of us think our directions are purposeful? The Japanese have a wonderful word meaning “a reason for being” which is IKIGAI (E-Key-Guy). There are many reasons why discovering our purpose (our Ikigai) in life is important and I’d like to share a few of them with you.

It enables you to live a value based life: Our values are the rules that guide our decision making and tell us whether we are on the right or wrong path. It keeps you focused & gives clarity: Once we know our values we become clearer on what matters most, which leads to more clarity about our purpose. We become more focused on following that path. We begin living positively: We start seeking new exciting possibilities. It enriches our relationships: We feel happier in ourselves and more fulfilled; therefore nicer to be around! It makes life fun! When we know what our purpose in life is, we enjoy every minute of it.

I felt I had lost my purpose in life after both my parents died in 2012; I wasn’t a daughter anymore, I’m not a Mum, I’m not a sibling and I wasn’t in a relationship either. So who was I? It was a horrible, empty feeling and I set out in a purposeful way to find out. My journey (Coddiwomple) led to publishing my book, learning to paint and then to Life Coaching. My purpose is now to help others find their purpose and show that it is possible to enjoy Life After Loss. My glass is always half full and even on the dullest of days my life is FUN! What is your purpose in life? Do you know how to find it if you are unsure? Get in touch with me, if you would like to explore these questions further. Wendy Jennings x

The Coddiwomple Lady: Writer, Life Coach and Artist

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