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"I had the pleasure of attending the Fit For Business launch event and booked for the Summer Circuit the same night! I attend a number of networking events and this is unique in that there is also an opportunity for you to reflect and grow as a business owner with support from Liz, Danielle and the other wonderful women in the group. I learned so much from the ‘business wheel’ exercise about me and my business and I am eager to continue to learn in the next sessions".  April 2019

"A very inclusive group that focuses on 'us' as business owners. Allowing 'us' time to learn and reflect on our personal achievements and areas to grow."  June 2019

"I attended the Fit For Business taster session. Having done a lot of networking, I thought I knew what to expect, but I was wrong! This is networking with a difference. The initial networking session is guided to help you make meaningful connections with the wonderful ladies in attendance - starter questions but also things that go deeper and really make you think about what differentiates you and your business. Then there is a session to help you grow and develop your business - offering real value and support, not just another sales pitch. Finally, the energy of Liz and Danielle is so contagious and I left feeling energised and enthusiastic about my business. SO many networking groups are just about handing out business cards and standing up to do your pitch. This offers something gentler but, at the same time, far more powerful - the chance to build real relationships with like-minded women, whilst also learning something that will grow your business. Can't wait for the summer circuit!"   April 2019

"I love the supportive nature of the groups and the shared enthusiasm for each other's businesses. So many smiling faces! I look forward to these sessions"   June 2019

"Liz and Danielle have hit on something fairly unique for business women in Kent. There are lots of networking opportunities, but they don't always have a structured aim. Fit for Business has looked at the needs of a particular type of business woman and packaged it up in an exciting (and incredibly affordable) way. I can't wait for the summer circuit. The energy in the room was palpable, without any pressure to network uncomfortably, you could see the room responding to the activity Danielle and Liz had designed and applying it to their business aims."   April 2019

"Good to have a structured focus and time to reflect."   June 2019

"Another fabulous event with straight forward - no-nonsense advice. Again I walk away with more to add to my to-do list! And I love the friendly and 'safe' environment."   June 2019

" I found Fit For Business extremely helpful in gaining clarity with my business and it's welcoming and nurturing."   June 2019

"It's great to brainstorm ideas with others in the room and ask for feedback on the current challenges I'm having."   June 2019

"An empowering group to talk to. Always feel inspired and revving to put ideas into practice when I leave."   June 2019

"Informative, in an understandable way. Fun and a bunch of fabulous women to learn from. Tonight gave me a lightbulb moment on my logo! Thank you!"    June 2019

"Absolutely buzzing with ideas and actions after another great ‘Fit for Business’ networking event tonight. This is way more than your average networking event, you learn, you connect, you think, you strategise!"    September 2019

Empowering your business through learning and making meaningful local connections

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