N E T W O R K    L E A R N    G R O W 


We are passionate about the human element of business and believe in bringing people together to network, learn and grow face to face and online.


We have created five unique experiences, that build on each other to provide deep learning, connection with others and the place, and space to grow. We combine our experiences to form a learning journey called a ‘circuit’.


Our range of events provide a progressive journey of learning that begins with the Connect Call or Net-Walks and moves into increasingly deeper and more immersive learning with the Workshops, Bootcamps and Getaways.


Our women can choose where to begin and join the journey, but understanding that attending the full circuit provides the greatest transformative experience!


Connect Call

Our FREE 30mins ‘Connect Call’ is a chance for new women to share details of their business, themselves and what support they are seeking from the Fit For Business Community. We want to meet you, hear about your business and plan how we can support you on your journey. We LOVE to chat!



Our FREE monthly 90mins Net-walks – offer a positive and uplifting start to a Monday. They are designed for people who want to connect with others in a fun and friendly community. They are designed for women who are keen to nurture their wellbeing, grow their business mindset and develop meaningful relationships in a relaxed outdoor environment.


Workshops of Professional Development

Our Professional Development 2-hour Workshops that are structured around a warm-up of facilitated networking, a workout of a professional development masterclass on an element of business, and a reflective, business coaching cool down to plan how to use the new learning, immediately within your business.


Digital Skills Boot Camps

Our ‘Digital Skills Boot Camps’ at the wonderful Green Farm in Kent. This is a half day event that provides a Hiit style mental ‘Workout’ for improving digital fitness and confidence by learning new skills to increase your flexibility in shaping your business for the future.



Our Getaways at the wonderful Green Farm in Kent. This is a whole day for deeper more immersive learning and a crucial opportunity to relax, restore and revitalise. Yoga, nutrition, nature walks and coaching activities, provides a chance to nurture yourself from the inside out.